James Announces His Candidacy

James Clendenin, City Councilman for Wichita City Council District 3, has declared his candidacy for reelection to the District 3 seat. Mr. Clendenin filed the appropriate paperwork to the Sedgwick County Election Commissioner on Monday morning.

“I am pleased to be running to continue representing our community. Over the past six years, we’ve made consistent progress in District 3, bringing more street improvement projects, ensuring public safety and new quality of life initiatives. However, there is still much work to do.

“The citizens of District 3 deserves a representative that will listen their wishes and needs. One that will act to protect and improve our community. I have been and will continue to be that representative and keep pushing for progress in District 3.

“My wife, Amie and I, along with our three children would not chose to live anywhere else in our city. Our neighborhoods in south and southeast Wichita are filled with genuine and down to earth people, who work hard everyday for their families and our community. I am proud to represent and serve them on the Wichita City Council.

“It’s crucial that we continue to make progress in District 3 and keep the momentum we have worked so hard to build. Focusing on continuing to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe. Giving every one of our neighbors in District 3 the community they deserve.

“Over the next four years, I will continue to concentrate on improving the safety in our neighborhoods, having dependable streets for our community, increasing the quality of life in our District and ensuring our city is well run.

“I look forward to continuing to work with citizens in south and southeast Wichita to improve our District and our city.”