Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe

Advance security and peace of mind for our families with continuous improvement in police, fire and flood control. Give our safety officers the best leadership, tools & training.

Continue Improving Our Streets

Demand that infrastructure needs take priority for budget dollars and future planning. Roads, transit and sewers are basic core responsibilities. We must continue to invest dollars wisely and not defer maintenance.

Foster Job Creation in South & Southeast Wichita

We must build a stronger, more robust, diversified local economy with innovation, entrepreneurship, training and education.

Increase Our Quality of Life

Invest in our community with recreation, entertainment and cultural facilities we can all be proud of and use to recruit others. Wichita works hard and we need to be able to enjoy our time off.

Ensure Wichita Stays Well-Run

Create greater transparency and openness at all levels. Guarantee open communication, making sure all voices are heard and government is held accountable.